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KFDU account suspended

Completely off topic!

KFDU account suspended

Postby Steve_R » 21 Apr 2020, 08:29

Fortunately, vyak is well administered.
If 'Account suspended' doesn't indicate death, KFDU seems to be giving its death rattles.


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Re: KFDU account suspended

Postby laneends » 21 Apr 2020, 19:12

Its sad that forums are dying, they are are great resource for well thought out information and discussions which are used as a reference base. Unlike social media which is superficial knee jerk responses which are effectively gone once they drop off the initial radar.

VYAK is still hanging in, but its still not what it once was.
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Re: KFDU account suspended

Postby peatop » 21 Apr 2020, 20:28

I don't know what to say about this :wtf: I can think of many reasons why a forum looses momentum but as said im thankful that I found vyak, it's been a wealth of not just information but damn good information which is not available anywhere else in one location, not to mention the bs you have sort through before finding out whether the information given was worth the effort to read.

Long live vyak :thumbsup:
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Re: KFDU account suspended

Postby happyas » 21 Apr 2020, 21:10

Lack of interest??? Not enough like social media to attract new young blood??? Many clubs suffer the same results for probably the same reasons. It is a sad situation. We need sites like this, particularly in our current situation. VYAK suits me just fine and I recommend it whenever and wherever I can.
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