King Kraft 11 Pedal

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Re: King Kraft 11 Pedal

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I noticed that I had slop in my rudder lines on my revo 13 and when I adjusted them tight and took the yak out next, i almost lost my balance haha. It was more of a noticeable difference in terms responsiveness then when I later "upgraded" to the larger rudder.

(not that the larger rudder was specifically to be more responsive - it was more for staying in the water in following seas)
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Re: King Kraft 11 Pedal

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Metime wrote: Is there a preference between cord and stainless cable?
I don't know the set up on the king craft but I would suggest spectra cord. It is stronger and more flexible than stainless and has no stretch should last longer. Spectra is not cheap but imo worth every cent. If it is going to break the budget go with the stainless I think anything else will have too much stretch for the job.
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Re: King Kraft 11 Pedal

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I failed to mention that when i first bought the kayak, it came with a rubber coated steel cable. It was installed incorrectly without 'cable tubing' and as a result there was significant wear and tear on the cable. They replaced it with a cord which I presume its spectra. I will be tightening it up and will see if there is any improvement in the tracking. Will see how it pans out. Otherwise will consider a bigger replacement rudder.
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Re: King Kraft 11 Pedal

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Hey guys ! Just wondering if anyone has a rudder for their Kings Kraft lying around? Many thanks
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