Hobie kayak rescue step

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Hobie kayak rescue step

Post by thelastreject »

Has anyone used one of these Hobie Kayak Rescue Steps?

https://slhobie.com.au/shop/kayak-acces ... scue-step/

I've done a few manual re-entries and I'm ok with it but, not going to lie, it's hard work.
These look great and super useful but would love to hear from anyone who has used one.
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Re: Hobie kayak rescue step

Post by peatop »

re entries aren't easy once the conditions start to deteriorate and we often practice when conditions are somewhat closer to perfect, anything that makes it easier/quicker to do is always good but you have to keep it's limitations in mind, although I haven't used one I think in some situations they could be an asset and others they may hinder you. If your kayak is light/small then they may prove to be a hindrance if you can't get enough weight over the yak to counter balance it from tipping.

It sounds like your not that confident at manual re entries? Why is this? and why do you think it is happening? there are many factors that make re entry difficult and most can be overcome quite simply, I have had 3 different yaks and each had their own re entry issues. maybe discuss your difficulties and ask for advice :thumbsup:
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Re: Hobie kayak rescue step

Post by Reeling »

If its not permanently attached then I would argue the hassle of trying to locate and afix to the kayak while in the water (considering the water temp and conditions) may be more effort than its worth.

I'd just keep practicing periodically in varying conditions if you think you may ned to rely on something like this product
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