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Help with an AI

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Help with an AI

Postby spider25160 » 19 Aug 2018, 16:01

Ok all you highly skilled and inventive AI owners what have you done about extra rod holders both active (fishing) and non active (storage). As I am transitioning from a PA14 to the AI I am having difficulty downsizing from 10 inactive and 6 active holders to just 2 in total. I currently have some inactive on the crate on the back deck but not sure how that will go with the sail up I need some active holders in front of the seat somewhere for bottom bouncing and trolling. Pics would be a great help if you can manage it cheers.
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Re: Help with an AI

Postby shane » 20 Aug 2018, 01:50

I'm a bit like you in that I like to have plenty of rods and options with me.

For static storage I have rocket launchers similar to the PA. These are on the sides because anything in the centre will foul on the sheet. The photos below show them, I've also angled them more to the side since to give the sail more movement. They slide into the molded rod holders and then are locked in by the deck bungee. I also have a scotty rod holder in a recessed mount on the forward left that's used for bait fishing and but mainly as static storage for keeping a stick bait rod handy.

For active trolling have a railblaza rod holder mounted on the aka arm to each side. I finds these work really well and can withstand big strikes. I've tried the bullhorn arrangement but don't like the upwards angle and especially don't like not having the rods in my field of view. When trolling I will have a rod in each railblaza and sometimes also a shotgun rod in the rocket launcher but you have to be careful of tangling lines when tacking etc. The railblaza's also get used for bait fishing. In polynesian style I insert a timber arm inside the empty rear crossbar aka hole and have a railblaza mount on that to hold rods like when the aka is there. I also have a berkley mount hidden in the right pocket that gets a holder inserted on an extension for bait fishing. I can also put a berkley into the forward right scotty mount with a bit of effort. Lastly I have a railblaza mount attached to the akka cross bar behind the seat that can take another rod holder if needed.

Overall I'm pretty happy with this setup and it will cover any type of fishing I want to do on the AI.


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Re: Help with an AI

Postby Franko » 20 Aug 2018, 09:38

I have a different approach and tend to only use 4 rods. I have modified my Hobie rod tubes with PVC so long but rods can be used to store. I have built the bull horns and find them great in both active and inactive situations. I also have ram balls on aka for bait fishing.
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