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How are you supposed to move a 5m + Ski?

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Re: How are you supposed to move a 5m + Ski?

Postby 4liters » 09 Sep 2019, 21:17

4liters wrote:
Seasherpa wrote:
cheaterparts wrote:
Ian - Eoin had a rack bar made that clips onto the sides of the bonnet to support the skis on long trips , it may also be worth a look at - someone over his side of the world Fabbed it up out of aluminium ... 0&start=90

or most bull bars and or nudge bar bolt onto the bumper iron mounts of cause most new cars dont run bumper irons and in fact most front wheel drive dont have a lot of structural points forward of the engine - just enough to hold a radiator and some plastic

There can also be issues with things bolted onto the front setting off airbags too apparently which is why I went with the bonnet option, but since then commercial options have come available for carrying outrigger canoes which might also work:

How do those things work?

Never mind, I can see all the pictures now I'm not on the phone.

Looks like a purpose built version of the ladder I was planning on using, it also looks like it should be relatively straightforward to lengthen by cutting and sticking an insert in the middle.

I think the kayak would need to sit on an angle in the racks because it would be too wide at those points to lie flat but I don't think that would cause any problems.
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