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First and final review of my Lovig Maverick

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First and final review of my Lovig Maverick

Postby peatop » 25 May 2018, 21:17

This has been a long time coming. Back in October last year i visited Lovig Hobie in Mornington, looking to buy a New kayak to suit my needs and fishing style, after looking at a number of kayaks, the choise between the Quest 13 and the Maverick was a somewhat difficult decision to make, as you know i bought the Maverick, was this the rite choise? The easy answer! I will never know :wtf: the reason i chose the Maverick over the Quest was purely the seat.

My impression after using the Maverick for a few trips in ppb, the stability is awesome, easy to paddle however paddles like a tug(it's not slow in calmer water, avg speed 5kph) but i didn't buy it for speed, my personal issues(these are related to my fitness, not the yak) the rod holders on the cross member are to far forward to reach while at anchor, the centre hatch is to small for maximum use (my opinion), the front hatch should have been an access point to the hull, the rear hatch, im undecided but no real opinion.

The rear hatch i only used to store clothing in a dry bag as pictured

The centre hatch i cut the tub out and placed some treated pine at the front and rear to limit the movement of it's contents, originally i was going to line the area as a catch storage area, however found it of more use as a tackle box ;)
my original tackle storage was the centre hatch and my carry box i placed in the rear cargo area
This also houses my rods and the solar anchor light used when night fishing in shallow water.

The rod holders i relocated to beside the seat and later added 2 new quick set Berkley holders to their original mounts
also added a deck light, this one was a temp design while investigating other suitable arrangements
I have found the Maverick to be an awesome kayak over the last 6 or so months well suited to my style of fishing, however as previously stated it is a tug to paddle, I've been offshore in it twice, once in daylight on a good day and also at night in a bigger swell, both time it was very stable but the swell made it harder going than i would have preferred, the same when getting cought out in ppb in some pretty ordinary and once nasty weather (50+ kph winds) again the only issue being it was hard going, as far as tipping over, never seemed to be an issue, water coming over the front or back never stayed long as the scupper plugs in the rear cargo area and under the seat have been permanently removed.

I have stopped modifications as i feel since im buying a new yak soon it's not worth the effort for gain, there are still many modifications to tidy it up and make it more suitable but where does it end? ;)
If i was in the market to buy a good cheap fishing kayak would i buy a Maverick? Damn rite i would ;)
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