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Re: Feel Free Lure Kayak

PostPosted: 10 Nov 2019, 14:08
by erik the viking
Mindi wrote:Erik
Off to Mallacoota in a few weeks for some shallow water Flathead chasing and I know that on full charge/high speed I got 4.8 kph out of the box.... that will give me my first real test of what % of the PWM equates to "High"...well roughly anyway.

Now that is the perfect place to give it a good try out! Sounds like fun. :up:
Good luck with it all.......
We will be interested on any updates.

Re: Feel Free Lure Kayak

PostPosted: 17 Nov 2019, 20:59
by Mindi
Many thanks the link to that Watt Meter.... the stuff you can buy on eBay for 18 bucks is amazing...?

Re: Feel Free Lure Kayak

PostPosted: 29 Mar 2020, 14:25
by Mindi
I never got bac k to finish this post off. Thanks to your guidance I fitted a variable speed controller (ebay $17) in a plastic box (ebay $19) and threw away the old ASP T24 head unit. Works perfectly...literally a 20 minute job. Also fitted a kill switch fixed to my PFD1 belt. I have no electronics skills at all (zero) but reasonable/good handyman 12V electrics capoability and the variable speed controller and the kill switch were both super easy to do.... if anything the kill switch took a little more working out than the new head unit. If anyone wants the details of what is invoilved get in touch with me.

After about 12 months with the Lure 11.5 I am a very happy owner. My only minor quibble would be that while it has a nominal load rating of 190kg I find my open bungs do ship some water (and lose some of it) and I am oversize at 140kg plus a 15kg while I am really far too heavy, I am well within the claimed carrying capacity but I suggest it stops being self draining about 160kg rather than 190kg. If the water is choppy you take lots over the low sides.... if I ever replaced the 11.5 I would get something with more freeboard like a Hobie, but then again the 13ft Hobie only carries 40kg less than the 11.5. Maybe I will just lose 20kg..?

When I put plugs in the rear compartment drain holes I alwayts came back with the rear section full of water 20 litres= 20kg. The issue is that the rear tyransom is so low that when I pull in my sea anchor for a reposition, I am pulling myself backwards enough to flood the rear section over the low stern... took a while to work that out. Now I turn a bit and pull myself forwards rather than backwards when retrieving the sea anchor.

Re: Feel Free Lure Kayak

PostPosted: 29 Mar 2020, 14:41
by peatop
Hey John, the compartment that fills with water, is this wayer entering the hull or is it a sealed section? If there is any area that leaks into the hull then you should look into finding a better way to seal it, when conditions turn south the last thing you want is water entering the hull some of the hobies are known for this in the front hatch and they've come up with a simple solution that may work for you if needed :thumbsup:

Re: Feel Free Lure Kayak

PostPosted: 05 Sep 2020, 13:21
by Mindi
My ASP 24lb Watersnake with PWM fitted as a replacement head has been retired and I have had a major rethink on how to motor best. First thing was to dump the RailBlaza crossbar motor mount. The motor out on the side stopped the rudder from working in one direction...pointing the motor on an angle helped but it still sucked. So the railblaza motor bracket got the flick,,,and the motor now fits in the centre well. After a fair bit of measuring and test fitting at Motackle I have bought a Watersnake Venom 34/26 to go in the centre and made a much better mount for it than my temp one holding the ASP24. I have also upgraded my battery from a Gel 36AH ( 50% DOD so energy available 18-20AH) to Renogy 50AH LiFePO4 (90% DOD so available 45 AH) ...the battery cost me $380 (ouch) but weighs 6KG vs 12.6KG.When you factor in the available energy with the 90% Depth Of Discharge the LiFePO4 is cheaper than the GEL box of lead on an amphour basis.
The Lure 11.5 steers beautifully with the 24lb motor in the centre...rudder control is excellent. I have also retired my Hobie Sidekicks as I am now comfortable in the seat without their added security. Fantastic way to get started in a kayak if you are a bit "tippy"as I was for quite a while.
Just today cut down the shaft on the Venom 34/26 and reversed the head, fitted it to an improved mount. Now need to wait for a legal chance to try the new motor here in Vic. Still loving my Lure 11.5 but admit they do take a bit over the side if you are caught in a chop. I know the 34/26 is still a speed coil motor and I might or might not replace the control head with a PWM a battery meter shunt coming so I will see if their claims for ther speed coil 34/26 only using 7.5Amps on low are correct or not.