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Signature Policy. Updated 07/10/2012

Signature Policy. Updated 07/10/2012

Postby HaTTerS » 07 Oct 2012, 22:10

To all members,

VYAK has seen some substantial growth recently and as such, the Admin team have to make small changes along the way.

Signature Policy

If you:
A. Wish to have a signature
B. Have an affiliation with a commercial entity or run your own business and wish to advertise it within your signature, you may do so with the following conditions.

Logo size is limited to:
- no greater than 800 pixels in width
- no greater than 100 pixels in height
- a resolution no greater than 72dpi (dots per inch).
Text content is limited to 70 words
Text content must not be separated onto numerous lines *see example below*
Text size is limited to "normal"
Text color is limited to black (#000000) or blue (#0000FF)

We are giving members 2 weeks (as of today 07/10/2012) to bring their logo's into line with the above restrictions before we apply the rule so please check your Signatures.
Admin reserves the right to remove logos/signatures that don't fall within the size, resolution or text limits stated above.

VYAK will try to retain a balance that is fair to our members. This policy may be edited from time to time.

Thank you,

The Admin team.

* Example of text on numerous lines:
PB snapper = 75cm
PB flattie = 30cm
PB gummy = 90cm
PB squid = 30cm

The formatting of text as shown above is not allowed.

Instead, you must format your text as follows:
PB snapper = 75cm, PB flattie = 30cm, PB gummy = 90CM, PB squid = 30cm.
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