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Campbells Cove - launch details

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Campbells Cove - launch details

Postby frappa11 » 16 Jan 2019, 10:52

THinking of trying out Campbells cove as I never fished that area before. Would like to target squid/ting

I searched on the forum but couldnt find any details on the launch. Basically I just want to know

When people say campbells cove, are they referring to campbells cove beach at the end of campbells cove road (you park in the beach car park then just launch on the beach ?)

Is parking free ?

Is it an all tide launch or only high tide like apex ? if high tide only how high a tide do you need ?

For squid/ting, do I just fish the weedbeds straight off the beach ? i.e. the orange areas I highlighted below


Any input appreciated !
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Re: Campbells Cove - launch details

Postby Seasherpa » 16 Jan 2019, 11:17

You can launch off the beach from the carpark (free) there’s a wooden walkway through to the beach.
All tide launch but it is a shallow sand flat so it will get bumpy quite quickly in an onshore blow.
Squid can be found over the far side of the RAF pier to your left when standing on the beach.
There is also a fence line coming down onto the beach.
Work your way out through the water depths roughly in line with that and you’ll find squid, flatties and ting in various spots on your way out, but that whole area can be productive from over in front of the beach huts to the Altona end. There’s also a little hole out off the end of the pier that often holds pinkies.
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Re: Campbells Cove - launch details

Postby vicyak » 16 Jan 2019, 11:57

I fish this area all the time. All tide launch. Just be careful with onshore winds. About 80m from the beach is all sandbars and even a 10knot on shore wind (SE being the worst) you can get dumped. Launch from the carpark as you said. You will see a pole(stick) in the water just to your left about 100m from the beach where you launch. If you drift out from the stick (staying on the west side of the stick) you will get squid. Can drift out for about 500m from here. Also you can get flathead and whiting on the edge of these weed beds. Depth will go from 2.5m to 4.5m when you do your drift so change the depth of your line as you drift out.

Seaweed can be a pain (it was last weekend). Often the water will get dirty as well here but when it clears up can be very productive for squid. I suggest going out in NE, N to NW conditions first as will be calm. W wind not bad either. About 5 to 10knots and will drift nicely for squid and flathead. There are other good squid grounds other side of the pier however try here first.
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Re: Campbells Cove - launch details

Postby laneends » 16 Jan 2019, 13:51

Yes free parking

Yes all tide, dont have weed sludge that apex has at low. So if you have to wade at all on a low it is firm sand
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Re: Campbells Cove - launch details

Postby Justo » 19 Jan 2019, 10:41

This has turned into a pretty good thread. I reckon it should be moved to Launch Spots / Port Philip Bay.
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