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Rocket Launcher rod holders - are they strong ?

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Re: Rocket Launcher rod holders - are they strong ?

Postby peatop » 24 Sep 2018, 00:52

laneends wrote:
peatop wrote:[
Cheater do you use the supplied mounts or scotty on the qs holders?

If you use the standard QS mounts reinforce them with a SS hoseclip around them as they are not partivcularly strong and I have had one shattered by a big ray

Scotty mounts work but they are a bit looser

Yeah as per your advice i bought scotty mounts for my qs holders, when i bought the PA i thought about using the side mounts closer to the seat but quickly forgot that idea they would just be in the way. Ultimately it would be good to have 4 holder mounts on each side, but unless they come up with a quick release for the mounts that's not going to happen, in the old yak as the tide changed i would swap the holders from on the side to front then the other side so i could best position them to get good coverage and limit tangles, i would put one rod in the rear built in holder (trolling) and cast it towards the rear, hmm but hard to explain. With the bonus rod storage of the PA comes issues with any attachments you fit to the H rails, but i wouldn't replace the storage for anything.
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