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Sunglasses safety

PostPosted: 02 Dec 2019, 09:33
by Steve_R
I detest the way they do things on The Checkout but the message in the video below is valid.

For those who'd rather not sit through the video.

Re: Sunglasses safety

PostPosted: 01 Jan 2020, 15:59
by happyas
A timely reminder. I wear mine especially when on the water. I have the beginnings of a cataract on one eye. Thanks Steve

Re: Sunglasses safety

PostPosted: 01 Jan 2020, 21:46
by Steve_R
Ditto about the cataract, Larry.

My Optometrist suggested Ray-Bans (and he doesn't sell them) but I trust ARPANSA and think any glasses that meet the Australian Standard and the category covers intended use will be fine. However, people still need to choose the right category. Its the category number on the Australian Standard label rather than darkness of tint that counts. Category 0 = SFA protection. Other categories go up to Category 4, which is maximum protection.