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Who is that online store?

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Who is that online store?

Postby Steve_R » 14 Mar 2021, 10:42

Having moved back near the big smoke and found that my previous local(ish) specialist tackle out let had shut down I decided to track down my next nearest. Google maps came up with something about 30 minutes away. Strange. I know the suburb inside and never recall seeing a shop of that name.

Their website shows an address (if it didn't that would be even more suspicious). Over to Google Maps for a look. This is what Street view on Google maps shows:

The relevant number is 284 with is a set of stairs between two restaurants running up to who-know-what but has a sign stating 'YoungOne Naturopath Clinic'.

First guess is an address of convenience for the website and the business runs as an eBay store. That proved right. A search for the name of the business here
tracked down the ebay store. It misses my 100% dodgy score due to prices being hard to believe in the wrong direction (very high).

Small overheads. Probable low stock. Don't stand very firmly behind what they sell. Support your local tackle specialist before it is too late.

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Re: Who is that online store?

Postby HaTTerS » 14 Mar 2021, 12:40

Very wise to make these checks. :up:

Something to be mindful of though (in the interest of benefit of the doubt), is the capture date of the Google Street View image you're looking at (shown at the bottom of the image). It's Nov 2020 on that one, so the address may have changed hands since then.
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Re: Who is that online store?

Postby Digger » 15 Mar 2021, 07:05

Talking about overheads! I went into BCF in Bairnsdale yesterday hoping to see a 10’ light beach rod only to find they are all mounted on top of their display cases with the mounts holding them being at least 6’ high. I tried walking around to see something that might be of interest and nearly fell over on my bum! Vertigo got me immediately and I really thought I was going down and felt nauseous too. I‘m a “lucky" bloke having 2 types of vertigo, but didn’t expect that at all. I sat in my car recovering for some time and then made my way home.

Guess I’ll be shopping online for this rod? I know they are trying to save floor space but bloody hell!
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