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Hobie AI modifications - reversing vantage leg retraction

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Hobie AI modifications - reversing vantage leg retraction

Postby maverick » 03 Feb 2017, 12:30

Jason Caldwell has been making a number of mods on his AI. He isn't on VYAK but is happy if I post on here for those AI/TI owners who are not on Facebook.

This topic relates to reversing the way the legs fold on the vantage seat. The normal position is for the legs to retract when the weight is lifted. This is annoying if you lift your weight up off the chair accidentally. Modifying it this ways results in the default position of the legs being extended and you need to retract them manually.

2015 Vantage seat mod. Got sick of the seat pegs springing back down all the time so decided to mod it. Removed the black screw holding the spring on and twisted the spring the opposite way so it now keeps the pegs out. Replaced the short black screw with a much longer self tapper In stainless steel. Moved the draw cord from the small hole at the bottom to the larger hole in the middle of the peg, fitted a small stainless washer and secured with a triple overhand knot to stop it pulling through. Hey presto, job done, works a treat. Now you lift your bum and pull the handle to drop the rear seat position.


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