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KGW in spicy breadcrumbs

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KGW in spicy breadcrumbs

Postby peatop » 16 Dec 2018, 23:47

A couple of nights ago i cooked some KGW in breadcrumbs mixed with KFC herbs and spices, although i had had a few drinks so i didn't remember what it was that i enjoyed so much about the meal, tonight i made the exact same meal the exact same way, it was the fish, well not just the fish but the way i cooked it and the coating, I've been making a version of KFC and taking it in my cool bag while fishing, it has been quite a good feed while out on the water, so i got to wondering how it would taste as a fish coating? However KFC is deep fried (my version) i was looking for pan fried so i thought that breadcrumbs rather that flour would be better, i wasn't wrong :yahoo: here are the ingredients
KFC Spices.png
l make this up as stated however i don't add it to anything, i put it in a sealed container and use as required. I add 1tsp of MSG to the total mix this is totally optional.

Mix 1tsp of spice mix to 2.5 tbls of breadcrumbs, wisk 1 egg with 1 tbls of oil, coat fillets in egg then add to breadcrumbs, rest on plate,
Coat fillets in starch, then coat in egg mix and again in breadcrumbs, rest on plate, cook on very low heat till done.

This dose 3 medium-sized fillets, i put breadcrumbs and starch (potato, tapioca, rice, whatever)in a plastic bag, coat fillets in egg Mix then put them in the bag and shake, only coat them in starch if you want 2 coats of breadcrumbs (breadcrumbs and starch go in separate bags btw) the ting i have been cooking this way have tasted like i caught them that day, give it a go and tell me what you think.

Btw please remember the spice Mix is secret :shhh: lol enjoy ;)
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