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Sharks in PPB

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Sharks in PPB

Postby happyas » 10 Jan 2021, 23:30

I saw a news item the other day where a shark was being monitered on a bayside beach. There are a lot more sharks present in the bay than one would think. I was landbased looking for garfish on the end of Frankston pier a week ago and had a berly slick operating. A large black stinger cruised around for a while, probably attracted by the trail. No sooner had he disappeared when a dark coloured shark about 3-3+ metres cruised across the end of the pier and then turned ninety degrees and swam out into deep water. I have seen this before in this area. There were people swimming all over the place as it was a hot day. No one was any the wiser and the people i told didn't believe me anyway.
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Re: Sharks in PPB

Postby Digger » 11 Jan 2021, 06:03

They've always been there it’s just that we are looking for them this time of year now.

I saw a decent Bronzie in the shallows while spearfishing off Olivers Point one day. It took off in the blink of an eye! Beautiful looking shark with the sun lighting up its body.

There have been a few deaths in the bay in past, the most notorious of them being the 19 year old savagely mauled and taken by a large GWS off the middle Brighton pier in 1930. ... -1930.html
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Re: Sharks in PPB

Postby jaybird01 » 11 Jan 2021, 09:16

Sharks seem to be an ever increasing problem all over OZ. My son is one of lot of hand line commercial fishers in Far North Queensland and when reading their forums they are all having problems with an unprecedented amount of particularly Bull sharks. I asked him when they hang around the boat why dosent he up anchor and race off to another location. His answer I've tried that and within minutes they have followed. In another conversation a comment was that 2 out of 10 fish to the boat was a bonus. No one seems to know why its happening.
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Re: Sharks in PPB

Postby Steve_R » 11 Jan 2021, 22:23

More sharks about probably means more of the things about that they feed on. The last I heard, that's mostly fish.
Is the water warmer than usual in PPB for this time of year?

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Re: Sharks in PPB

Postby laneends » 12 Jan 2021, 19:53

Steve_R wrote:More sharks about probably means more of the things about that they feed on. The last I heard, that's mostly fish.
Is the water warmer than usual in PPB for this time of year?

Or more snack pack meat pies floating around on bits of plastic tossing burley in the
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