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Hi friendlies!

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Re: Hi friendlies!

Postby spider25160 » 26 Jul 2019, 21:18

Hi Dave welcome to the fold. I live in Portland so almost anytime I launch it is an offshore outing. My first yak was a Hobie outfitter which was great to take swmbo out when she wanted but as that was once or twice a year it really did not suit. My second Yak I chose the PA14. Would have been the 12 but as I was 110kgs I needed the extra load capacity. My first serious outing on the PA was a nearly 40 km round trip out of Port Fairy with Lobo. Now I am no athlete and I was not match fit in any way shape or form and so had difficulty walking for a couple of days after that but at no time on that or any subsequent offshore sojourns did I have any concerns about the capability of the PA in any conditions except when I had to punch directly into a 35 to 40 knot squall one day. I believe your PA 12 would be just as capable so long as you are not as heavy as me. I have since upgraded to an AI purely because I am no athlete and not getting any younger the distances that I have to travel around here I need the sail.
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