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Another newbie!

New? Say G'Day here!

Another newbie!

Postby Hardyakn » 12 Jul 2019, 10:13

G'day everyone,

I'm Ewen, and I'm a complete newb to both kayaking and salt water fishing.
I've just recently purchased what I think was the best value for money yak that I could afford (hobbies ect are worth more than my car) I ended up with a Nextgen 10 from an internet vendor. It's not the greatest but it gets me out on the water so I'll make do for the time being . It has the elevated seat, retractable rudder, and track system as standard. I've been slowly collecting bits and pieces anchor and trolley making leashes ect ect .

I took it out for the first time last week and landed a small salmon on a gold lure ( my first fish on a lure- in a yak and with new rod)

Previously I'd only every fished the Murray and Eildon other than taking the kids to the peir once or twice ..

I'm based in blindbight but the old man is in Rawson so I'll be hitting Blue Rock as the weather gets better .

I'll be asking questions along the way especially regarding lures and rod/reel types as I have no idea.

I'm always up for an adventure so if anyone is planning one and might suit me please hit me up ..

Cheers E..
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Re: Another newbie!

Postby Galey » 12 Jul 2019, 10:57

Well done mate. Check out the safety section, you only get one life and get into it.
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Re: Another newbie!

Postby Hardyakn » 12 Jul 2019, 13:29

Already on it galey .. pdf, flag, flares, and I have a handheld VHF if I do venture out of the estries ... Only thing I need is sutible thermals and some winter gear that won't drag me down..
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Re: Another newbie!

Postby Widsa » 12 Jul 2019, 13:46

Welcome aboard mate, congratts on the Sambo.
Tight lines and enjoy you stay.
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Re: Another newbie!

Postby Reeling » 12 Jul 2019, 13:50

Welcome. Great place to be and we have many members with a wealth of knowledge who are also willing to share.

Regarding the safety, most (if not all) advocate that you practice re-entries. That is, you are able to get back on your kayak should you capsize. There is nothing worse than being faced with having to get back onto your kayak for the first time after you unintentionally fall off and all that's going through your head is how much stuff you've just lost.

1. Watch several videos of how to safely get back into your kayak. every kayak as different stability which will depict how you can get back in.
2. Go out, ideally with someone, and practice with an empty kayak.
3. First capsize in the shallows where you can touch the bottom,
4. Then progress to a depth just too deep to touch the bottom - so if you aren't able to get back in the shallows aren't far.

The weather isnt ideal for this right now, but its not as bad as finding out for the first time when you are a fair distance from shallows.

Ensure you do this fully clothed and with your PFD on as your motion will be limited

o ye, and tight lines ;)
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Re: Another newbie!

Postby laneends » 12 Jul 2019, 16:17

If you want any advice on blind bight , warneet or tooradin areas there a few of us who know those areas quite well
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Re: Another newbie!

Postby cheaterparts » 12 Jul 2019, 18:00

laneends wrote:If you want any advice on blind bight , warneet or tooradin areas there a few of us who know those areas quite well

Welcome Ewen

as above !
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Re: Another newbie!

Postby 4liters » 12 Jul 2019, 18:48


As you've identified those little yaks aren't the greatest but as long as you're aware of the limitations and stay within them you'll have a blast.

It's a lot easier to justify/harder to resist dumping a truckload of cash on an awesome kayak with all the bells and whistles if you already know you enjoy the sport.
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Re: Another newbie!

Postby peatop » 12 Jul 2019, 22:57

Welcome Ewen :up:
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