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Kill Switch

PostPosted: 11 Sep 2019, 12:34
by Mindi
I just installed a kill switch on my Feelfree Lure 11.5 with a Watersnake 24 and thought others might be interested in how easy it is to do correctly using a relay. (Narva 68044). You need to use a relay in the setup because if you go the obvious way, a "Normally Closed" Kill Switch directly in the active to the motor, you will risk burning out the switch as they are typically rated at 10amps and will be very unhappy about 30-40amps going through them all the time the motor is running.
Rather than that, get a Narva 68044 changover 5 pin relay,(eBay $14) and a "Normally Open" kill switch (eBay $9) and wire it like this

Battery + to pin 30 (heavier cable - motor supply)
Battery + to kill switch one side (light cable)
Battery - to pin 85
Watersnake active to pin 87a
Kill switch (other side) to pin 86
Blank protective slide connector to pin 87. ( it becomes active ...(thus "changeover relay" ) when you operate the kill switch but is ignored....just slide an insulated connector on to protect it.

To do it this way you need a kill switch which is "Normally Open" (typical) so that when the tab is pulled, the kill switch circuit is completed, the relay coil is energised, and the internal main power always at terminal 30 is diverted from 87a to 87....stopping the motor.(which is connected to 87a) ....tadaaa...!!

Yeah I know corrosion will be an issue after a while but my investment is $25 total.