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Live (only) wind direction and strength

PostPosted: 25 Jan 2020, 09:43
by Steve_R
BOM Meteye gives a colour-coded impression of wind strength that is less than impressive. Marine Traffic (a shipping tracker website), gives an option to display weather, which brings up wind bar icons. The fewer the feathers, the gentler the breeze. There are paid options to get a lot more but the price @ $21 per month is a bit steep for kayak fishing.

Here is an example:

Bottom right of screen is the word [now] with chevrons either side. Use these to get a forecast.
The free version seems to have a limit around 24 hours.

Remember a forecast is a forecast. Don't forget to watch the sky and horizon for signs of change.

If you like this an an alternative opinion:
-drag the map to your favourite location
-adjust the zoom
- set a bookmark in your browser

For those who've never use the shipping tracker, you can click on the icons and find the name of the vessel and other details.