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Point wilson

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Point wilson

Postby peatop » 30 Sep 2019, 08:50

I contacted Joe from fish ranger a whioe ago with regards to point wilson weather station not functioning, this is a response i got back but forgot to post it till now sorry

"I heard back from BOM during the week about Wilsons Point weather station and the news isn’t good. I posted a notice on our FB page to let everyone know the news. I’ve adjusted the site so no location will use Wilson’s Point for live wind readings – they will either use Avalon, Geelong Racecourse or South Channel. I’ve also removed it from Wind3D."

At the moment if your fishing anywhere between the cerlewis/clifton springs bank and indented heads be aware that the information on fish ranger is very inaccurate I've contacted Joe again in an effort to fix the issue, at the moment ww is the most accurate for this area all other areas this side of the bay should be fine on fish ranger, however im not sure what issues there are from point wilson heading north.

Joe also mentioned that he would follow up with bom to try and get some sort of replacement for point wilson, i personally feel for my location point wilson was the only accurate station the others cant give any accuracy as the are either too far away or too far inland to be reliable, your thoughts on this would be appreciated ty
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