trolling - dead bait jig

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Re: trolling - dead bait jig

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I don't think there are enough pelagic fish in Victoria that would warrant trolling deadbaits - unless you count manky old couta...

You may get the odd kingie, or odd snapper or pike that grabs it, but I can't think of anything else - apart from gannets and seals.

It'll probably take 200 years until global warming makes proper pelagics available to Victorians, until then I vote we all
relocated to Northern NSW or QLD. Coz let's face it guys we're with Tassie when it comes to 'bottom of the table' fishing states! :-)

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Re: trolling - dead bait jig

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Live long, fish hard and hopefully catch something.
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Re: trolling - dead bait jig

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If I had been reading this just two years ago I would also be saying the same thing.
However, we spent ages towing dead bait for Marlin at Bermie, and with bream fishing did thousands of unproductive casts. The common factor was incorrect presentation and location and timing and speed.
Down here the fish seem to be less aggressive that is pretty evident. That suggests to me that we need to learn more about the habits and feeding patterns of the target fish.
We dont seem to have the range of exotics, but then even they are seasonal up North.

Finally when I see a dead bait prepared and swum by a skilled deckie and compare that with our feeble efforts I undestand exactly why we attracted so few hits.
When all else the instructions!
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