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Foxes in your neighborhood

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Foxes in your neighborhood

Postby Bomber James » 12 Dec 2018, 22:36

Never realised how hungry,cunning and desparate foxes are.
Got a phone call from my neighbour who was looking after the chooks,dog and canaries while we where away, only to be informed that 2 out of 4 chooks had their heads missing with blood and feathers everywhere .
Got home the next day and it was a bloody CSI crime scene,all chooks gone,blood ,feathers everywhere,with a 10 yr old deaf Australian terrior nearby.
Me.. Confused..Id beefed up fencelines knowing foxes are in the area.
Once I checked the video cameras I was amazed what had happened.
These bastards can do everything except fly.
Hoping to send video through soon.
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Re: Foxes in your neighborhood

Postby peatop » 12 Dec 2018, 22:45

Foxes are amazingly cunning a double fence with a hole in the outa fence and no room for the fox to turn around works well to catch them. There are a few more that work well if i can remember them. A fox will chew it's own leg off to get away if caught in a trap :shock:
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Re: Foxes in your neighborhood

Postby happyas » 12 Dec 2018, 23:02

They are much more common than you think, even living in inner city areas. I live in the outer east and we often hear them coming up our road in the night time calling to each other or calling for a mate. A sort of coughing yapping bark.
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Re: Foxes in your neighborhood

Postby westmantooth » 13 Dec 2018, 07:02

They pick locks here. I’ve shot dozens, but not any more. Part of the furniture now and with those kind of smarts, have earnt my respect.
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Re: Foxes in your neighborhood

Postby 4liters » 13 Dec 2018, 07:15

Think of them as cats in terms of what they can climb into. I saw one walking along the top of the paling fence at Mum’s place some years back. Foxes had a few goes at her chooks until we completely enclosed the chook run in wire to stop them climbing in over the top.

When I was working on the farm the manager there reckons he watched a fox sit close to an electric fence and time it’s jump over it between the pulses of current. No idea if that was true but they certainly found their way into the electrified chook run on more than one occasion
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Re: Foxes in your neighborhood

Postby Digger » 13 Dec 2018, 09:30

They dont have to even get in to kill chooks!

I had one chook recently die of fright after foxes unsucessfully tried to break in to their yard.

Over many years I’ve had to employ many strategies to keep ahead of our little “mates”, sometimes winning, sometimes losing.

Then there are the birds, the snakes and bluetongue lizards!

Best thing I’ve done was buying a “Chooktred” demand feeder which wastes nothing. No birds pinching the feed, no rats & mice pinching the feed and less snakes coming for the rodents. Saving heaps on wasted feed now.

However snakes occasionally still pinch eggs and right now there is (I think) a lizard pinching half of my eggs. He’s gonna go!

We have had our own eggs for years and no matter how hard it gets, its always worth it!
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Re: Foxes in your neighborhood

Postby cobby » 13 Dec 2018, 09:50

Hit one at 100km/h. Split it in half, 4k of damage to the car (Subaru Liberty), blood and guts literally everywhere like it was blown up by a bomb. That one wasn't so smart and cunning
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Re: Foxes in your neighborhood

Postby vicyak » 13 Dec 2018, 10:19

I work in Coburg next to the creek. See foxes all the time. Often with some dead chickens in the carpark. Very common.
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Re: Foxes in your neighborhood

Postby Galey » 13 Dec 2018, 11:37

I find the 222 an excellent deterrent
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Re: Foxes in your neighborhood

Postby happyas » 13 Dec 2018, 13:56

It was a Goshawk that finally took my chooks.
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