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Burley advice

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Burley advice

Postby frappa11 » 07 Nov 2018, 01:19

I have been doing some reading here and around on berley options for fishing from a kayak. Read that most mix chook pellets + fish bits (left over bait etc) + tuna oil, then mash and freeze. Then a frozen portion is dropped over the side when soaking baits.

My problem is this - my missus absolutely forbids me to use the freezer for berley and would kick my ass to the moon if I minced smelly old bait in the kitchen (I do not have a garden/shed)

So what are my options ? Can I

1. Just chuck chook pellets over the side ?

2. Just before the trip, mash up some chook pellets and mix in some water/tuna oil (or even a can of cat food ?) ? I then carry this mixture in a container then flick spoonfulls over the side ?

3. Do 2, but use a burley bucket ?

My target is snapper. Any advice appreciated !
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Re: Burley advice

Postby vicyak » 07 Nov 2018, 08:42

go with what is simple especially on a yak.

Get a 20lt bucket or larger (this is staying home). Mix up some chook pallets, and tuna oil. I tend to put about 5L of pallets add oil and mix. Then keep adding layers and mix as you go. I don't add water.
The large bucket which has a lid will not stink out your garage or leave it outside in a cool place.

For the yak have a smaller container and add to it as required. I used to use a 3L Orange juice container (with large lid) and simply poor in Don't even have to touch it. Throw some old pillys on the day as well.

Clean and no stink.

Most keen fishos though have their own fish freezer. Also adding anything frozen into the water will float and will not be effective.
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Re: Burley advice

Postby laneends » 07 Nov 2018, 09:27

Worth having a small bait freezer for a start. I also use this to store fish carcasses etc until bin night, or next time I go fishing.

For burley I will take a bag or container of chook pellets. Then also take some older bait or carcasses I may have. Then just chop them up on the yak, mix up with the pellets while there. Saves all the mess and space of premixed in the freezer.

If I am squiding first I will clean these up and add scraps to burley, along with any fish guts

Keep in mind the air from the freezer compartment is used in the fridge for a fridge freezer. So standalone freezer is best for small bait
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Re: Burley advice

Postby peatop » 07 Nov 2018, 15:42

I only generally use burley when fishing for gars, i baught a big bag of chicken pellets and keep a 1L bucket of them in the front tub of my yak along with tuna oil and burley cage i 1/4 fill the cage with pellets add a little oil and drop over the side.

I have been thinking about a log net sold buy rigmaster and going back to mincing my gut and frame leftovers however i have found using such burley tens to bring unwanted fish around more than wanted, not to mention the storage space.

An easy non mess burley I've seen made is a mixture of bread or pellets, can of cheap fish cat food, and tuna oil.
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Re: Burley advice

Postby Rhino » 07 Nov 2018, 15:55

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Re: Burley advice

Postby 4liters » 07 Nov 2018, 17:42

Sounds like you need either a new missus or a new freezer
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Re: Burley advice

Postby choppers » 07 Nov 2018, 19:44

4liters wrote:Sounds like you need either a new missus or a new freezer

:lol: freezer would be a dam site cheaper :thumbsup:
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Re: Burley advice

Postby frappa11 » 07 Nov 2018, 23:25

Thanks everyone I will try Keiths suggestion first.

If I need more I will have to enter delicate negotiations lol
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