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my first kayak

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Re: my first kayak

Postby calebie » 10 Oct 2018, 22:27

Thanks guys. I went out on the weekend and found dry storage to be a problem. The area behind the seat filled with water pretty quickly and didn't drain even though I don't have the scuppers plugged. I soaked my tackle box and jacket. I'm also trying to figure out how I can setup some vertical rod holders rather than the 45 degree ones I have behind the seat. I'm thinking of using an old esky but I don't know whether to use that for fish and the compartment between my legs for tackle or vice versa....
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Re: my first kayak

Postby Tim399 » 11 Oct 2018, 06:14

Allen, for dry storage I used a plastic flexible bucket/clothes basket from Bunnings then trimmed it height wise, folded it and put it in the hatch behind the seat. Then open the bucket up inside the hull and you can fit a fair bit in there and it stays dry :up: I used to store food, drinks, clothes, first aid kit, tackle boxes, etc.
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Re: my first kayak

Postby Brett » 20 Oct 2018, 22:09

calebie wrote:How did you go with it matari? I have also just got one of these kayaks. Keen to see or hear if you've made any additions.....

Sorry it's taken a while to do this for you.

So far we have made a trolley,

Also changed his milk crate to an eski the same as mine,


We have also made a cpl of racks(stolen design from cheaterparts who made one for my old kingfisher)





With the sounder, we have used the Railblaza Transducer Arm with a sideport, in the front mount holes, for the transducer.
We needed to add a swivel extension to allow clearance of the side of the yak. (Will get a photo of this later)

Also added an anchor trolley.
anchor trolley.jpg

We've added a flag, with another sideport on the provided mounting in the rear of the yak.

Cheers, Brett.
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