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WTF: My kayak is a SUP !!!

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WTF: My kayak is a SUP !!!

Postby BKA » 12 Jan 2016, 00:15

Late last year I read on the Malibu Kayaks fb page where they claimed that almost every model has been dual engineered to function as a stand up paddleboard. :eh:
So on Sunday I decided to put their claim to the test. 8-)
Took the yak out to Sandy Harbour to practice some re-entries, test the gator hatch's moulded seat with a passenger, and test their SUP claim.
Re-entries went well but may try attaching a 'stirrup' from the side handle for extra leverage next time.
The passenger didn't cause any noticeable stability or speed problems, so now it was time for the big test.
(My wife hired an actual SUP on Sunday which I had a go on but kept falling off so I didn't like my chances of trying the same thing from the yak :oops: )
However, to my surprise, first attempt and I'm standing up. :shock: A quick little wobble but then it was smooth sailing. Paddled against the tide, tried rocking it by pushing my feet one at a time to see if I could lose balance, but it was very stable and I managed to paddle it across the harbour.
Only downside was standing in the little wells next to the centre hatch which weren't as wide as my feet making it not the most comfortable ride. Might need to fill these in with some hard rubber cut outs as well as the first foot wells to give a nice big level platform around the hatch. And using the kayak's paddle as a SUP paddle was a bit of a pain (especially when it was still leashed to the kayak :roll: ). Anyhow, great fun. I won't be using it to paddle like a SUP in future but at least now I know I can use use it as a sight fishing platform if need be. :up:
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Re: WTF: My kayak is a SUP !!!

Postby Jay » 16 Jan 2016, 13:48

Always handy being able to stand and sight cast or even just to stretch your legs.

Looks like it was great conditions for a fish!

Good stuff :up:
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Re: WTF: My kayak is a SUP !!!

Postby Hvalross » 16 Jan 2016, 13:58

Jay wrote:Always handy being able to stand and sight cast or even just to stretch your legs.

Looks like it was great conditions for a fish!

Good stuff :up:

When all else the instructions!
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