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Native Watercraft Titan Propel 10.5

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Native Watercraft Titan Propel 10.5

Postby Bluesmartyboy » 02 Sep 2019, 19:54

So after nearly a year breaking my teeth in (ON A BCF GLIDE) and deciding if Yak fishin was for me i decided to take the plunge and on Friday became the proud owner of a brand spanking new NW Titan 10.5 in Lizard Lick...

To be honest it was between a new Titan or a second hand Hobie....and i like things to be i had watched tons of reviews on You tube from Greg Blanchard & friends...who love the Titan albeit for Bass Fishin !!!

Reason for the 10.5 over the other sizes? Well, essentially it was down to weight and transportation as i drive a Ute and do not have a trailer ( more about that later).

Anyhow after getting it home (plus a couple of Railblaza mounts and a flag) as anyone will know the real work know, the usual “where should i put this?” , “Where should i put that?” Interspersed with increasingly frustrated and aggressive (lol) accusations of “being more in love with the new Canoe than the wife”. Finally, when i could no longer feel my nose due to the cold and not getting any smooches back from the Titan i decided to venture back into the dragons den. I immediately fired up the old Commodore 64, got straight onto intergoogle and Alibay and started spending more of the wife’s shoe fund....

The Shopping List

Must haves:

Berley Pro Steering Upgrade Kit ( If it is a known problem why don’t manufacturers fix em before they ship em)
Hobie Anchor Trolley Kit
Hobie 2 way and 3 way thru hull wiring kits
Stickers (so that i look like a seasoned pro)

Nice to haves (if i can sneak them past the minister of finance)

Yak Power electrics including bullseye blue LED deck lights.
Yak Attack BlackPak or an Esky Marine Pro Cooler (if its a stinking hot day a cold frothy or two are more important than an extra hook or two)

So ordering done and the wallet a tad lighter i got around to sorting out a mount for my Watersnake trolling motor...Now call me old fashioned but a motor goes on the back right ? Transome mounting it was then and with grinder in hand, a ton of enthusiasm and a bourbon it was cut from 6 mm aluminium plate, drilled, shaped and sprayed before the moon had even risen. On the subject of the motor, the 28lb watersnake has only 2 speeds and uses full ampage power even if you only want to go slow which is a waste of precious battery charge so i designed, manufactured and wired up a pulse width controller to give me variable speed. All controlled remotely from my new armchair like seat in its waterproof enclosure.

So now i wait for the goodies to arrive from the various suppliers and then the out fitting continues...

I did however manage to get a sneaky couple of hours on the water in storm conditions on Sunday...and I quickly realised I need a trailer.......Bugger !!!

To be continued....
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Re: Native Watercraft Titan Propel 10.5

Postby peatop » 02 Sep 2019, 22:34

Sounds like your having fun :up:
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Re: Native Watercraft Titan Propel 10.5

Postby Galey » 03 Sep 2019, 08:55

A man with a plan. :up:
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