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Flag Buyers List Status

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Re: Flag Buyers List Status

Postby Millzee » 10 Dec 2015, 16:35

Got mine today too, thanks heaps :clap:
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Re: Flag Buyers List Status

Postby choppers » 10 Dec 2015, 18:16

Christmas came early :evilgrin:
Thanks to all invloved :thumbsup:
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Re: Flag Buyers List Status

Postby greenhorn » 10 Dec 2015, 22:05

Babylon wrote:Do you Gentleman still want a Flag i have sent my details to you.Cheers Babylon
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Apologies on the delay, been spending too much time on one of my other hobbies (little fish in glass boxes :lol:) and hadn't looked through the forum properly for a while.
Payment sent couple days ago so should see it soon :thumbsup:
Thanks for organising!!!
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Re: Flag Buyers List Status

Postby Babylon » 24 Dec 2015, 08:06

Has everybody that has ordered a flag received them.Cheers Babylon :thumbsup:
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Re: Flag Buyers List Status

Postby brett73 » 24 Dec 2015, 10:30

Yes thanks Jim :thumbsup:
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Re: Flag Buyers List Status

Postby spider25160 » 24 Dec 2015, 18:51

yes thanks Jim all good and mounted and tested
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Re: Flag Buyers List Status

Postby Tim399 » 24 Dec 2015, 18:53

My flag and stickers arrived, thankyou very much to all thoae involved in getting them all done, they look great :up:
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Re: Flag Buyers List Status

Postby angrydaz » 26 Dec 2015, 19:04

Yes thanks Jim. Thanks to those involved for organizing it.
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Re: Flag Buyers List Status

Postby Gav » 28 Dec 2015, 15:19

Hi everyone hope u all have a good christmas & good fishing The Flag is good Regards Gav
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