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Mt Martha sailing/racing event

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Mt Martha sailing/racing event

Postby maverick » 07 Mar 2018, 15:35

from the facebook Island Group

suggested dates March 24 or 25 Or April 7 or 8.

Mt Martha Social Racing
Spectator Based Racing (just in case you want to bring kids/family/spouses to sit on the beach). Another day to meet others, fine tune sailing techniques, check out other Islands and just have fun.
The Hobie Island is a unique craft, not just a yacht, more than just a pedal kayak. In keeping with the unusual design, I am proposing some unusual races. Given that the pedals are an integral part of the design and are used/should be used, they will be allowed to be used in the races. Keep in mind, when sailing an Island, the sail can get you further into trouble then pedals alone, and if you have to use the pedals to get out of trouble, the first time you use them, shouldn’t be in an emergency. So with that theory in mind, here we go.

RACE 1: 2 yaks race head to head through a start gate, slalom through 4 existing yellow poles and return, going the opposite way through the poles on the way back. Winner goes into round 2.
Knock off rounds continue until 1 winner is left.
Expected race time is around 5 -10 minutes depending on the wind, to cover the 2 km course.
Normal sailing rules apply in regard to yachts on starboard tack having the right of way.
Pedalling is allowed.
Mass start, off the beach, by all the yaks, at the same time. So when the start gun goes, that means dragging the yak into the water, getting yourself sorted and sailing off. Start position on the beach will be determined by lucky draw. Sail to the mussel farm marker buoy (visible from the beach) and return. Straight line 5 km round trip. Finish through the on water gates. Line Honours and Handicap Winner (working that out still). Ideally all the Islands will be visible from the shore during the race.
Race time should be around 30 mins.
Pedalling is allowed

No prizes, just bragging rights and photos.
Suggested Safety Equipment – VHF portable radios. (not a legal requirement).
Safety is paramount, having fun and enjoying yourself is second.
Weather conditions will determine if the event goes ahead.

Mt Martha info:
Free parking
Shops 1 km away.

Boat Rules:

Mt Martha Races.jpg
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