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Hi all iam Andrew

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Re: Hi all iam Andrew

Postby time2fish » 08 Oct 2017, 21:07

shane wrote:Welcome Andrew.

If you're running a 60W LED off a 12v 8Ah battery then it should last approximately 1.6 hours. ie 60W/12v=5A. 8Ah/5A=1.6 hours. Sounds like a type of light you don't want to run continuously. You could consider running another permanent light and just switching the bigger light on when you need to see well (navigating tight spots or when landing a fish).

All-round white lights are better made using LED strips to create a tall vertical light that stands out from point sources. The power consumption of LED strips depends on the type of LED and the length. For example a common 5050 LED strip with LED spaced at 30/m will consume around 0.6 Amps. One meter of this (which is heaps) will last around 13 hours on an 8Ah battery. Leave a bit of leeway as batteries often don't charge or discharge to their full rating. Also get some quality waterproof connectors, switches and a fuse and seal all joins up with shrink wrap and seal waterproof.

thats exactly the answer i was looking for thank you so much . wow only 1.6 hours . damm ill install it on my car then and buy some leds for the yak now.. and yes i got switches, connectors not gonna bother with a fuse. thanks again cheers mate
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Re: Hi all iam Andrew

Postby laneends » 08 Oct 2017, 21:39

When you are out in the dark with no other back ground lights you dont need such a bright light to standout or see what you are doing. You will see lots of guys with the "light sabre" type set ups shane is talking about. Just check them out and see what they have done. Also search here. These strips are also often sold with a dimmer switch.
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