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Anchor Answer for Tormentor (& others)

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Re: Anchor Answer for Tormentor (& others)

Postby Franko » 05 Jun 2017, 19:50

good post
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Re: Anchor Answer for Tormentor (& others)

Postby johno » 23 Jan 2019, 17:20

Just revisited this topic to give a progress report on the durability and success of this anchor set up.
Firstly I admit that it is nor marine quality ....but I wash the rope after use when cleaning everything up and have enjoyed at least 18 months so far without any issues. The only drawback is that you are limited at times with the length of rope it holds compared to the depth you may be fishing in .
How you use it is that I have attached cleats front and back on both sides of the Yak and tie off on the appropriate cleat for the direction that I want face to fish trouble at all works very well .
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