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DIY yak trolley

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DIY yak trolley

Postby watermullon » 09 Dec 2017, 13:07

Hey all,

Thought I'd share my yak trolley project.

I wasn't going to do a trolley just yet, but I had second thoughts after I noticed the weight of my yak (perception pescador 13) after all my gear was on it.
So I whipped up a yak trolley yesterday with gear from Bunnings. Works a treat (on grass anyway.)

The gear:

The make:
Just measure out the width of your holes in your yak, and the depth to the keel. Add a bit extra for the width of the pool noodle and cut it all up. I had to enlarge the holes in the noodles, but that isn't hard.
Put the steel rod through the pvc pipe at the bottom, cut to size and drill to put a pin in each end to keep it all together.
The only part I have glued is the middle pvc bar that the keel rests on. The rest can come apart and stays together with the pressure of the yak on it.
The PVC part that goes inside the yak is slightly thinner PVC (20mm), and goes down inside the pressure pipe almost to the wheels. I put a bolt through to hold it in place at the length I needed.

I know I know don't re-invent the wheel ... but why should the wheel guy inventor be the only one who has all the fun?
Besides ... customised to fit my yak perfectly and the satisfaction of DIY.

and the finished product in action:


... now for the test on the beach and mud. Hope I don't need to buy bigger wheels ...
Tight lines ...

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Re: DIY yak trolley

Postby chrisw » 09 Dec 2017, 14:29

Those wheels may have problems in soft sand (though to be fair pretty much all do bar custom sand wheels).

This thread is worth checking for sand-friendly modifications.
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Re: DIY yak trolley

Postby peatop » 09 Dec 2017, 14:38

Yah green machine wheels from k mart work well in soft sand once you put a couple of layers of expansion joint foam on them $8 each and around $15 for the foam and some glue like kwik grip you can buy a foam mat from k mart also bout $8 this will do both wheels and have some left over.
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Re: DIY yak trolley

Postby jaybird01 » 01 Jan 2018, 11:51

Along the same lines this is the one I made for my Outback, the 2 white pipes fit into the rod holders and the kart is held on with 2 straps. It works well.
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